Software and Electrical Engineering Services

  • Control panel design and manufacture
    • G59/3 Control & Distribution Boards
    • AC & DC combiner and junction boxes
    • Bespoke monitoring hardware
    • Pump and motor control enclosures
  • PLC programming
  • Electrical motor control
  • Energy efficiency solutions and consultancy
  • Database and software development
  • Cost effective sub-metering and remote monitoring solutions

PAD Technology Ltd develop and maintain the eMIG Energy Management Information Gateway and offer bespoke software and hardware solutions to the renewable energy industry.

PAD Technology provides competitively priced software solutions for remote metering and sub-metering systems. We also design, build and install end-to-end monitoring for large solar farms, including DC string, inverter and meter monitoring.

We can also offer solutions for SCADA control of plant, utilising PLCs and bespoke hardware and software solutions.

PAD Technology provides services to design and build bespoke motor control panels and associated software that provide monitoring and remote control, with applications such as pump control and remote / automated gate control.

PAD Technology also provide a trouble-shooting service for existing large-scale monitoring networks, with the expertise to identify and solve problems with RS485 networks and LANs.

PAD Technology Ltd Update their Privacy Policy

PAD Technology Ltd have updated their Privacy Policy in line with the GDPR.

Please view the new Privacy Policy.

Improving your Energy Efficiency

PAD Technology can help to reduce your energy demand using technology and innovation leading to lower carbon emissions, reduced energy bills and a cleaner environment. We provide the following services.

  • Power quality analysis
  • Power factor and voltage optimisation surveys
  • Motor drives (HVAC and frequency drives)
  • LED lighting design and implementation
  • Energy and sub energy metering and monitoring
  • Water metering and remote monitoring
  • Remote energy management

eMIG now supports Google Sign In for easy access

eMIG has been updated to allow users to sign in using their Google account. This makes for easier access without any loss of security, with fewer passwords to remember and instant access on mobile phones through eMIG's mobile friendly interface.

Existing users can easily "upgrade" to Google Sign in:

Monitoring import, export and generation in eMIG

The eMIG platform now supports monitoring of import, export and generation for a property, giving customers the opportunity to maximise their use of generated electricity in an informed manner, or to make an informed claim on the export tariff.

Moving the PAD Technology website to Drupal

After 3 years of PHP, the PAD Technology website has now moved to using the Drupal Content Management System.

Among other things, this has allowed us to add a blog to the PAD Technology website, to tell you more about what we are up to.

It will also make it easier to keep the site fresh and up to date, with content being easy to manage, add and change.

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