Reducing Lost Revenue on Large Scale PV Installations

RS485, Inverter Monitoring and DC String Monitoring

Detailed monitoring of the components in a large scale PV installation can reduce significant losses from reduced generation, caused by faults in individual inverters or DC strings, that may otherwise go unnoticed or be put down to panel degradation or poor weather.

Once alerted to a fault, detailed component monitoring can save significant time on site visits, allowing remote identification of problematic components.

Phil and David have a wealth of experience in designing, installing, troubleshooting and configuring RS485 networks and local area networks (LANs) for monitoring large PV installations.

We can help you to set up monitoring of meters, inverters and even individual DC strings to allow you to spot faults that may otherwise go unnoticed.

RS485 is a robust serial network, allowing devices to be daisy-chained with shielded twisted pair over a distance of up to 1 km. The commonly implemented Modbus protocol allows a large variety of devices to be queried remotely to allow health checks, status alerts and to remotely monitor cumulative energy and instantaneous power at regular intervals.

PAD Technology Ltd have experience designing robust, bespoke software solutions around RS485 networks to allow the retrieval of metering data into the eMIG portal. We can also provide PLC based solutions that can both read and write to devices using the Modbus protocol, to allow the development of robust control applications.

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