Do you want to be able to see the amount of electricity being generated on your roof, live on a display in your company foyer or reception area?

Do you want your customers to know that you are using renewable energy to provide your services?

Do you want customised slides to advertise your products to the people who walk through your door?

Your Energy Production on a Flat Panel Display

As illustrated below, you can present a live, full-screen slide show on an LCD display, taking meter reading data directly from eMIG for the PV installation on your roof.

Updated every half an hour over the Internet (WiFi or patch cable connection), eMIG iNSIGHT will allow your customers to see what you are doing to help the environment.

Available with a wide variety of different size monitors

Typical sizes (All 1080p displays using an HDMI connection from the iNSIGHT PC):

  • 22" display. £799.00
  • 24" display. £845.00
  • 32" display. £950.00
  • 40" display. £1,120.00

Prices exclude VAT and delivery. Includes iNSIGHT PC, configuration keyboard with trackpad, HDMI cable, wall mounting bracket. Please call us if you require a special size.

Customised with YOUR content

As standard with all eMIG iNSIGHT displays, PAD Technology Ltd will "skin" your iNSIGHT display with your background images, logo and corporate identity as you require. All you have to do is provide high quality, landscape photographs, logos and any text that you would like adding and PAD Technology Ltd will do the rest.