Monitoring Import, Export and Generation

Providing owner of PV installations with a simple solution for maximising their return "post FiT"

DECC has proposed to significantly reduce the FiT from January 2016, with the scheme coming to a complete close by 2019. The FiT tariff was part of a suite of three incentives to install renewable energy:

  • bill savings – the occupier benefiting from reduced energy costs from their supplier;
  • an export tariff – paid to the generator for any excess electricity that they generate and export to the grid;
  • a generation tariff.

The current proposal to completely remove the feed in tariff by 2019 leaves consumers with only the benefits of bill savings and the export tariff.

PAD Technology Ltd is aware that this this change could have huge ramifications for the renewable energy industry in the UK. To support our customers in finding a new business model for continued operation, we are pleased to announce that eMIG is now able to fully support the recording of half hourly import, export and generation data.

This provides consumers with the opportunity to analyse on-site usage of the electricity that they generate. This analysis can help planning of strategies to make maximal use of this energy. Alternatively, the consumer may wish to maximise their claim for PV export in the event that the majority of the generated energy cannot be usefully consumed on the premises.

Furthermore, PAD Technology Ltd is able to offer metering solutions for both single phase and three phase installations to work with the new eMIG functionality.

Single Phase – Import, Export and Generation in a single enclosure

For single phase domestic installations we are able to offer the MID approved Emlite EMC1 dual element meter. This meter comprises two separate metering elements and an integrated ASL modem that is able to transmit import, export and generation at half-hourly intervals, all in a single enclosure. Fiscal quality import, export and generation values are transmitted to the eMIG platform providing a complete overview of energy consumption and generation for a single property.

Three Phase Commercial Installations

For three phase commercial installations we are able to offer paired Elster A1140 meters. This MID approved meter records and transmits fiscal quality import and export data via an integrated ASL modem. By installing a single A1140 meter to monitor generation and a separate A1140 as a mains check meter, import, export and generation can be recorded on eMIG.

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