Bespoke Motor Control Panels

PAD Technology Ltd are able to design and build motor controller solutions to meet your specific requirements. We are able to offer a range hardware and software solutions for motor control and pump control, ranging from full remotely automated solutions to locally controlled, fully manual solutions and a wide range in between:

  • Full remote control
  • Remote monitoring (with web browser and mobile access)
  • Automatic control (e.g. controlled by water level)
  • Fully manual control

We are also able to offer solutions for independent verification of motor / pump controller operation for mission critical applications.

PAD Technology Ltd can build control panels to work with a wide variety of fans and pumps designed for different applications:

  • Single phase and Three phase
  • DOL, Star-Delta, reversing and special configurations
  • Multi-motor control logic
  • HVAC speed drives and PLC control
  • Energy metering and management
  • IP68 stainless steel jet-wash proof
  • Touchscreen HMI
  • GPRS/3G/4G and WAN connectivity